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2019 Tour Ramping Up

The Jewish Fathers Comedy Tour is pleased to announce the Winter 2019 kickoff event of their Northeast Tour.

The Jewish Fathers Comedy Tour (“JFCT”) is comprised of Adam Oliensis (a late-50s father of four ranging in age from grade school to college), Alex Barnett (a 51-year-old man with a 7-year-old son), and Ben Rosenfeld (a 30-something man with a new baby). Together these three Jewish father-comedians provide a hilarious and insightful look at what it means to be a Jewish father in the 21st Century.

“We’re really excited about this concept,” said Adam Oliensis, a veteran of the New York comedy scene and long-time theater producer. “We explore what it means to carry on the traditions that give our lives meaning, while adapting to an ever-changing modern world. We find the humor in all of it - what could be more Jewish than that?”

As for why a show focused only on Jewish fathers is needed, Ben Rosenfeld, the exhausted parent of a 9-month-old, said: “I’m sorry. What was the question? I was asleep.”

Alex Barnett pointed out that fathers are sometimes overlooked. “Historically we’re not the ones who do the cooking. People tend to focus their attention and devotion on the person providing them with sustenance and nutrition. That, and we still haven’t figured out what our job is besides saying, ‘I don’t know. Go ask your mother.’”

On a more serious note, Barnett added, “the history of Jewish dads is a proud one. And, we’re glad to be a part of it. Once people see our show and witness our chemistry I know they’ll be sold.”

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